Hostel Accomodation

Hostel facilities are available both for boys & girls. The hostel rooms are fully equipped with adequate furniture & fixtures. Every boarder is provided with a chair, a table, a cot and an almirah. 24 Hour Power backup is available in the hostel. Internet Facility is also available in all the Hostels. The facilities for common room , indoor games , Guest Room etc.are also available in the hostel. Dinning hall has a sitting capacity up to 150 students at a time. The following hostels are operational at present: 4 Boys Hostels (505 seats) & 1 Girls Hostels (75 seats). Each hostel is managed by a full time warden working under the guidance of a Chief Warden.

Hostel Seats Capacity per room
Block A(Boys) 107 Single Seater(Non AC Room)
Block B(Boys) 124 Single Seater(Non AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 2 Single Seater(AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 3 Single Seater(Non AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 2 Double Seater (AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 3 Double Seater(Non AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 18 Tripple Seater (AC Room)
Block C (Boys) 27 Tripple Seater ( Non AC Room)
Block D (Boys) 75 Single Seater(AC Room)
Block D (Boys) 49 Single Seater( Non AC Room)
Padma Bhavan Extension (Girls) 75 Triple seater