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Our institute has a number of technical societies and clubs having enrolled many students as members some namely IETE, ISTE, IEEE, CSI, IICHE & SAE. These societies/ clubs annually organize several events that cater to the technical temperament of its students.

Technical Clubs / Societies


All Institutes have a number of Technical Societies having enrolled many students as members same namely IETE, ISTE, IEEE, CSI, IICHE, & SAE. These societies / clubs annually organize several events that cater to the technical temperament of its students.

These clubs have organized several events such as Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions, General Quiz, Mock Interviews, Declamation, Personality Development Tests, and Teachers Events etc.


  • Prayas Club
  • Orators Club
  • Arya Bhatt Club
  • Resonance Club
  • Talent Hunt
  • Nano Technology Club
  • Lets Talk Club
  • Code Cloud Club
  • Photography Club
  • E-Mavens Club
  • Expressions Club
  • Green Teens Club
  • Women Redressal Cell
  • Career Guidance Cell
  • Corporate Resource Cell
  • Excursions
  • Industrial Visits
  • Festival Celebration
  • Blood Donation
  • Recreational Clubs/ Activities
  • Abhinandan



To provide knowledge & acquaint one with first hand information, developing aesthetic sense and exploring the nature, several tips, tours and excursions are arranged. The objectives are to draw out the fear or any kind of apprehension which hampers the growth of the students.


Entreprenesurship Develpoment Cell (EDC)
Industrial and R&D development of a country is linked to the type of technical manpower produced by technical institutions. To make optimal use of facilities, expertise and know how available in technical institution, it is essential that appropriate links are established between institutes of higher learning and the industry. Some of the mechanism which have gained popularity world over include Science Parks, Technology parks, Technology Business Incubators, Techno polis, Schools of small business development etc. Further stress is being laid on innovation based industries and knowledge based industries. In 1982(NSTEDB) National Science Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board set up by the Government of India under the Department of Science and Technology, has focused on appropriate mechanism which could:-
1) Help in strengthening institute industry interaction.
2) Provide awareness of gainful self-employment to Science and Technology persons(S&T).
3) Promote entrepreneurial culture in technical institutions and institutions of higher learning.


1) To create entrepreneurial culture among S&T persons.
2) To better linkages between host institutions, industries & R&D institutions in the region.
3) To develop S&T based enterprises & promote employment opportunities.
4) To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities relating to SME & Micro Enterprises.


1) To organize Entrepreneurship Awareness camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes and Faculty Development programmes in the region for the benefit of S&T persons.
2) To develop and introduce curriculum on Entrepreneurship Development at various levels including degree/diploma courses of the parent institution and other institutions in the region.
3) To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities particularly in S&T areas and service sector.
4) To guide and assist prospective entrepreneurs on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc.
5) To organize guest lectures, TV & radio tasks, seminars etc. for promotion and growth of S&T based entrepreneurship.
6) To arrange visits to industries for prospective entrepreneurs.
7) To extend necessary guidance and escort services to the trainees in obtaining approval and execution of their projects.
8) To act as a regional information centre on business opportunities, processes, technologies, market, etc. by creating and maintaining relevant databases.
9) To provide testing, calibrations, quality assurance, design, tool room, pilot plant and other facilities for entrepreneurs besides expertise in intellectual property rights, patents search, etc.
10) To render advice to sick enterprises and assist the entrepreneurs in rehabilitating them.
11) To conduct skill development training programmes leading to self/wage employment.


Physical Education & Sports
Sports are an important activity which is carried out to encourage the sense of healthy competition & all round development of the students. The College has good infrastructure for sports & games. The activities include various outdoor games like Softball, Basketball, Volley Ball, Gymnastics, Hand Ball, Badminton, Cricket and Football and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Chinese Checker, Carom and gymnasium room, Inter class competitions and Annual Athletic meet are special features. Students are encouraged to participate in Kurukshetra University games.
Sports & Physical Activities: The institute has excellent facilities for the following types of activities.
Indoor Games:- Table- Tennis, Chess & Carrom.
Out Door Games:- Cricket, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Badminton & Kabaddi.
Health Club:- The college gymnasium has a multigym trainer, a cycle, a jogger, Weight lifting sets & Dumbles etc.
Trekking Club:- The club organizes regular excursions. The institute has encouraged teachers & Students for adventurous activities such as trekking.
Trips and Tours: The Institute arranges technical and refreshing (Site Scene) trips on time to time basis.
Contests in Various games & sports are organized annually and students get ample opportunity to use all the Facilities on a day to day basic.


• Our team participated in KUK, inter college tournament from 24-02-11 to 25-02-11 held at G.N Khalsa College Yamunanagar.
Basketball [M]
• Inter year basketball (M) tournament organized in the college from 22-02-11 to 01-03-11.
• Inter Year chess competition organized in the college.
• Participicated in K.U Inter College tournament from 05-09-11 to 07-09-11 held at G.N. Khalsa College Yamuna Nagar.
• Our team get silver medal in K.U Inter College tournament from 26-09-11 to 01-10-11 held at M.L.N College Yamuna nagar Mr. Gaurav Khanna & Gaurav joshi participated in All india Inter university tournament held at DAVIET Jalandhar.
• Our team got Bronge medal in K.U Inter College tournament from 26-09-11 to 28-09-11 at K.U.K and 29-09-11 to 01-10-11 at M.L.N College Yamuna Nagar.
• Mr. Singh Kalra Participated in All india inter university tournament held at DAVIED Jalendhar.
Table Tennis (M)
• Our team participated in K.U Inter College tournament and Secured 2nd Place in our zone held at K.U.K from 07-10-11 to 08-10-11.
BaseBall (M)
• Participated in K.U. Inter College tournament form 12-10-11 to 13-10-11 held at S.A Jain College Ambala City.
Cricket (M)
• Participated in K.U. Inter College tournament and Secured 2nd Place in our zone from 07-10-11 to 17-10-11 at JMIT Radaur
Basket Ball (M)
• Participated in K.U. Inter college tournament held at G. N Khalsa college Yamuna nagar.
• Participated in Kurukshetra Univ. Inter College completion from 15-10-11 to 16-10-11 held at DAV College pehowa.
• Our team participated in K.U. Inter College tournament dated on 10-10-11 held at G.N Khalsa College YNR.
• Our team got silver medal in K.U inter College tournament from 19-09-11 to 23-09-11 held at K.U.K Mr. Deepak Chahar is selected to represent KU.K in ALL India Inter university tournament 20-11-12.
Boxing (M)
• Participated in Kurukshetra univ. Inter College tournament from 08-11-11 to 11-11-11 held at Govt. College Panchkula.
Athletic (M)
• Our team participated in K.U Inter College Annual Athletic meet from 23-11-11 to 25-11-11 held at K.U.K.
Softball (M)
• Participated in K.U Inter College tournament and Secured 2nd Place in our zone from 26-11-11 to 27-11-11 held at S.A Jain College Ambala City.
• Participated in K.U Inter college competition and Mr. Manish Sharma got Bronze Medal in this competion held at S.A. Jain College Ambala City from 30-11-11 to 1-12-11.
• Mr. Manish Sachar participated in KU Inter College Championship and won Gold Medal held at KUK from 08.01.2011 to 09.01.2011
• Mr. Manish participated in All India Inter University championship held at Patiala from 18.01.11 to 21.01.11.