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Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab

Physics Lab

Physics Lab

Department cover the subjects /areas of Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry.It has highly Qualified Faculty. The Department has the following well-developed laboratories- Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry .The equipment in the Applied Physics laboratories includes traveling microscopes, telescopes,spectrometer,sensitive galvanometer,cathoderay oscilloscope etc.The equipment in the Applied Chemistry laboratories includes conductivity bridge ,water analysis kit,equipment like electronic balance,viscometer,flash point apparatus etc are available.


Equipments Available in Chemistry Lab

S.NO. Instrument Description Quantity
1. Digital conductivity 02
2. Combined electrode for pH meter 02
3. Electric oven 01
4. Redwood Viscometer No-1 01
5. Redwood viscometer No-2 01
6. Hot plate 02
7. Pensky- Marten flash point apparatus 02
8. Water bath double walled thermostatic Controlled (6-holes) 02
9. Electronic Balance with cover 02
10. Water still casted in Al body 01

Equipments Available in Physics Lab

S.NO. Items Quantity
1. Diffraction Grating Setup 04
2. Newton’s Ring Setup 04
3. Polarimeter (Spewfic Rotation Setup) 05
4. Sonometer 05
5. Newton’s Formula Exeriment (Optical Bench) 04
6. Post Office Box Setup Complete P.O Box 05
7. Cary Foster Bridge Setup 05
8. Substitution Method Experiment 02
9. G To A Conversion Setup 02
10. De’Sauty Bridge 05
11. Resolving Power of Telescope 02
12. Hall Effect Setup 02
13. Planck’s Constant Setup 02
14. Resistivity of semiconductors by Four Probe Method 02
15. PN-junction diode Setup 02
16. Flashing & quenching of Neon Bulb Setup 03
17. Ionisation Potential of Mercury vapours Setup 03
18. Battery charger 2 to 12 v & 6 Amp 01
19. R-D equation Setup 03
20. Platinum Resistance Thermometer 03
21. Stewart & Gee’s Apparatus 03
22. Cu-Co thermocouple 03
23. He-Ne Laser (2mW) 02
24. Faraday’s law Setup 01
25. L-R Circuit 01
26. Bio-Savart’s law Setup 01
27. Setup to draw the equipotential lines of bar electrode 01
28. Setup to draw the equipotential line of ring electrode 01
29. Setup to determine the dielectric constant of different dielectric material 01
30. Helmholtz coils apparatus to investigate the spacing between coils 01


S. No. Name Of The Teaching Faculty Designation
(Assoc. Prof. /Asst. Prof.)
Qualification With Field Of Specializationn
UG/PG Doctorate University Ids
1 Mr Saurabh Jain Asst Prof/ HOD MSc (Bio Tech)
2 Dr Prerna Garg Associate Professor MSc (Physics) Ph.D
3 Ms Punam Kalra Asst Prof MSc (Maths), M.Phil
4 Dr Sukhvinder Asst Prof MSc (Physics) Ph.D
5 Ms Diksha Asst Prof MSc (Physics)
6 Ms Anshul Garg Asst Prof MSc (Physics)
7 Ms Surbhi Garg Asst Prof MTech (ECE)
8 Mr Amit Kumar Asst Prof MTech (ECE)
9 Ms Sneh Asst Prof MTech (ECE)
10 Ms Rimanshu Kamboj Asst Prof MTech (ECE)
11 Ms Sakshi Bansal Asst Prof MSc (Maths)
12 Ms Palak Asst Prof MSc (Maths)
13 Ms Narender Kaur Asst Prof MSc (Maths)
14 Ms Kajal Rani Asst Prof MSc (Chemistry)
15 Ms Ritika Garg Asst Prof MBA
16 Ms Deepti Kapoor Asst Prof MBA
17 Mr Dushyant Chauhan Asst Prof MBA


Activities of Talent Hunt 2k16

1. Singing
2. Dancing
3 Acting and Mimicry

Activities of Poster Making & Slogan Writing Competition

1. Poster Making
2.Slogan Writing

Activities of Easy Writing Competition

1. Expressions
3. Through
4 Enjoyment

Activities of Quiz Contest

1. Career
2.Guidance Cell

Time Table


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan BEE
Lesson Plan Biology
Lesson Plan Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations
Lesson Plan Chemistry
Lesson Plan EGD
Lesson Plan English
Lesson Plan FOCP
Lesson Plan Probability & Statistics