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Parents Teacher Meet

A Parent-Teacher meeting is organized with an objective to bring the institutes and home together for uplifting of students as well as institute by maintaining harmonious relationship between parents and teachers.

It is intended to facilitate the parental participation in an institute. The aim is to involve parents in students’ education. The key objective is to bring in the closer relation, the institute and homes, where parents and teacher may co-operate, support learning, provide ideas in the education of students. The focus is more on the parents who work away from the home and who are from culturally diverse families.

It is an effort to overcome barriers which parents form for themselves due to lack of awareness, lack of time, having a feeling that parents have nothing to contribute or lack of socializing.

The institute has been guiding and training parents’ leaders to be involved in decision making, governance and advocacy.


Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills are crucial to increase employment opportunities and to compete successfully in the business environment. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practice. The group provides curriculum of soft Skills training, a unique opportunity for all the students, staff and faculty members to develop their personality and upgrade their communication and presentation skills. The objectives are to:-
• develop effective Communication Skills (Spoken or Written)
• develop effective Presentation Skills
• inspire leadership excellence or dynamic communication
• optimize managerial effectiveness
• enhance team building & time management skills
• build self-esteem & assertive skills
• build trust, confidence & interdependence
• motivate and initiate oneself
The methodology adopted is through:
• Lectures
• Projects
• Role play
• Quizzes
• Games
• Group discussion
• Group activities
• Debate and declamation
• Participatory sessions